Patio set from start to finish

These are the after pictures of our patio set...

So this is what I started with. We needed a patio set to eat dinners outdoors on hot evenings. I didn't realize to find a nice patio set you would be paying quite a bit of money. Last week on a fun visit to a suburban thrift store we found this 3 piece set for $40, which was much less than I was thinking I was going to spend! The great thing also about this set is that it folds up so it's easy to transport in my trunk. I was sold!!! I just knew I had to use some imagination, usually in the form of color to make this piece pop.

I started by washing the set in a mild detergent to get off dust, some rust and some grease.
Next upon recommendation by my favorite Mom & Pop hardware store was told to make a 50-50 concoction of white vinegar and water and spray the set down for maximum paint stick. This helps you avoid primer! I left this outside to dry which was really quick since it was 90 degrees outside. Here I am sprayiing down the table. This photo certainly shows the rust better too.
Here's the Krylon Satin Touch in "Catalina Mist". I ended up using almost 4 cans. I was told this holds on both metal and the plastic arm rests.

Overall I am very happy with the end results and think that the small amount of paint really made this table perfect for us!~


Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

How excited am I that I found your blog??? So much amazing inspiration! I'm adding you so I don't miss a thing!

j said...

love the colour! but what is "milk detergent"?

rainy day rose said...

hah, that's funny j cause after publishing it i thought i wrote "mild" detergent. it will be changed soon!

one pretty thing, thanks!!!!!